Corporate Rentals & Apartments for Rent in Toronto

corporate rentals and apartments in torontoToronto is a hub of international business with executives and sales representatives from major corporations around the globe visiting every year to meet, plan and build partnerships. If you represent a corporation that is about to send representatives to Toronto on a protracted business trip or if you are responsible for booking your own lodging while in Toronto, consider the benefits of corporate apartments for your next stay.

Corporate apartments offer many benefits. They are flexible, meaning you can choose to stay for any length longer than 30 days. In that time, you will enjoy all of the amenities of a fully serviced suites, including 24/7 security, in-ground parking, full fitness center, a full lounge for residents and cleaning services.

The major benefit to this is that you will have a corporate apartment that is as comfortable as your home but flexible like a hotel room. You won’t need to worry about furnishing an apartment or the loss of productivity or morale that occurs when staying in a hotel room for more than 30 days. Other benefits of corporate apartments include:

  • Central Location – We have buildings located throughout Toronto including in downtown, the financial district and along the Harbour Front.
    We also have buildings in Yorkville or further uptown if you choose to stay away from the business centers of the city. If your business is in Richmond Hill ,Markham or Scarborough, we have buildings here as well.
  • Perfect for Entertaining – Because your furnished apartment will have a full living room and kitchen, you can entertain guests, a must for sales representatives and executives who may spend many weeks in the city meeting with their counterparts.
  • Multiple Units – We have multiple units available in each of our buildings, meaning you can book space for numerous executives and sales representatives at the same time, important for large scale operations or relocation’s.

We also have buildings in these other locations both in and just outside Toronto:

Yorkville Young & Eglinton
Harbor Front North York
Bay & Bloor Markham
City Place Richmond Hill
Maple Leaf Square Scarborough

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