Five Must See Sites in Toronto Posted November 6, 2012


Toronto is a truly international city, with a wide range of sites to see and places to relax if you are here on business or vacation. Here are five of the city’s must see locations when you next visit. Each of these is easily accessible from our Toronto furnished apartments.

Eaton Centre

Eaton Centre is located in the midst of downtown Toronto and features more than 250 stores of various styles. With four levels and a huge, glass dome, the building for the Eaton Centre was designed for relaxation and enjoyment of the city’s many fine influences and is minutes from the CN tower, which is only a few blocks away and stands as Canada’s tallest building at 1,815 feet. You can take an elevator to the observation deck at 1,122 feet for a good view.

Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)

Toronto’s signature museum, ROM, is an architectural wonder, with a glass exterior that is jagged and deformed, stretching down the block. The inside is a wonder of modern and classic art, with 40 galleries for not only artwork, but natural sciences and archaeology and a huge collection of Chinese artifacts.


Yorkville is easily one of Toronto’s most unique neighborhoods, an alcove of classic Victorian architecture and high end shops tucked into the midst of a global metropolis. Many celebrities stay here or shop during large scale annual events like the Toronto International Film Festival and we do have a number of furnished apartment options in the neighborhood.


The second largest Chinatown in North America, Toronto’s Chinatown is full of unique shops with interesting clothing and accessories and a huge range of restaurants serving authentic Chinese food as well as other meals from around the globe. Chinatown is a wonder to visit whenever you’re in Toronto for an extended period of time.

Hockey Hall of Fame

Whether you’re a born and bred hockey fan or are just interested to learn more about Canada’s national game, the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto is a fun place to visit . It features pods allowing you and your children to call famous hockey game moments, replica dressing rooms, trophy rooms and much more.

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