Top Five Fine Dining Restaurants in Toronto

Choosing the “best” of anything is no easy task. When someone asks me what the best option is for a good meal while in Toronto I can tell them any of a dozens of different restaurants, bistros and cafes and I’d still be leaving plenty of amazing options off the table, so to speak. But if we’re really talking about the best of the best, then there are can only be a select few and for, these are them.

1. Nota Bene – Located in the heart of the Entertainment District on Queen Street, Nota Bene is one of Toronto’s best new restaurants, open since 2008. Named one of the top new entries in the region’s restaurant scene by Toronto Life & Air, Enroute, and Where Magazines, Nota Bene has been attracting foodies from around the city and around the world since it opened. Run by executive chef David Lee, Nota Bene offers a number of exotic combinations from a Yucatan Hot & Sour Soup to a Fish Taco Salad. What many would consider odd combinations, Chef Lee manages to make so perfectly that you cannot help but want to come back.

2. Café Boulud – Four Seasons Hotel – Located in the Four Seasons Hotel, Cafe Boulud is run by Michelin Star awarded Chef Boulud. Similar to his New York restaurants, the Toronto location at Bay and Yorkville offers a range of dishes, many taken from the crops and catches of surrounding Ontario and the peninsula. While it is certainly a swanky place for lunch, Cafe Boulud offers a Prix Fixe menu designed for mid-day meals while shopping in the area or on business. That means you have plenty of options and it is not quite as impossible to get a table as some others.

3. Canoe – Located at 66 Wellington St., on the 54th Floor of the TD Bank Tower, Canoe is a sublime location for a romantic dinner overlooking the harbor. Operated by Oliver & Bonacini, you know it’s going to be good, but again and again, it has been named one of the top dining spots in the city, netting a Zagat rating of 25 and thousands of positive reviews. Where other restaurants aim for elegance, Canoe strives to keep it clean and simple, offering the same crisp, deep flavors that have made Chef Anthony Walsh and Chef John Home so well known throughout Canada. This is truly unique and compelling Canadian cuisine.
4. Bosk- Shangri-La Hotel – Located in the stylish Shangri-La Hotel, the Bosk restaurant is another of the top rated dining spots in the city. Designed to seat a comfortable 80 or more diners, Bosk is dedicated to old world style dining and dishes made from ingredients harvested in the best fields and orchards around the globe. Mixing a malange of old world charm with new world ingredients, you’ll find simple dishes like Potato Soup and Duck Salad alongside inspired originals like Quebec Foie Gras an Citrus Flake Crudo – all of them incredible.

5. Auberge Du Pomme – Auberge Du Pomme is another Oliver and Bonanci restaurant, located on Yonge St. north of York Mills. Awarded the Gold Medal Plates Toronto recently, Chef Marc St. Jacques’ restaurant has been open since 1987 and was the original offering under the Oliver & Bonanci crown. The food is decidedly inspired by modern French cuisine, backed up by a wine selection of more than 500 labels – one of the largest and most diverse in the city. Combined with a seasonal ambiance to keep you and your guests relaxed, Auberge du Pommier has become one of the best restaurants and finest locations in Toronto (a top destination for weddings as well).

To be sure there are many other fine restaurants located throughout Toronto, offering a range of dining options, but in my opinion, these are five of the best. If you are interested in exploring any of these fine restaurants, be sure to review their websites and make reservations accordingly – for most of the year, tables are very limited, even with significant warning.

On your next visit to Toronto, take some time and visit one of our amazing, award-winning restaurants. From the incredible, world-class Auberge Du Pomme to the sublime Canoe, there are so many options here it’s impossible not to find a good meal that will fit your palate.

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